I realized that Black + Blue is a widely debated restaurant on Urbanspoon as the rating of the restaurant is outstandingly low. Last Friday, I paid a visit to explore the restaurant and find the reason of its controversy.

Before I comment on the quality of the food, the interior design of Black + Blue is truly impressive. I wonder if the main focus of the restaurant is the design or if the food would be equally good.

The collection of steak seems complete so we ordered a lobster tail to come with an 8oz PEI Blue Ribbon. For appetizer we decided to have a simple organic salad and the mashed potato is ordered as a side dish.

The organic looked ordinary and I was surprised that all the dishes are served at the same time. Since the table was small, I don’t understand why the salad, side dish, steak and the sauce were brought to the table at the same time.

The steak came with the extra lobster tail. The steak was well done as medium and the texture of the meat is juicy and tender. The big disappointment was on the lobster. Since the meat of the lobster tail was soggy, I assume it’s been frozen before cooked and served. The lobster was practically tasteless and it was small for a $22 lobster tail.

The mash potato was normal and tasteless. I wouldn’t order it again just as a matter of fact. The three sauces were nice to try on the steak. However, the barbeque sauce was quite ordinary so overall the meal was not too impressive.

Finally, we decided to have a berry crumble with vanilla ice cream for dessert. I am not sure if saying the dessert is good is a compliment or if it is an indication that the main courses are not satisfying. Anyway, the berry crumble is decent but not impressive.

I would say that the rating on Urbanspoon is too low for this restaurant but I wouldn’t rate this restaurant over sixty either. The service was not amicable at all and our server seemed impatient when introducing the dishes so I wouldn’t came back anymore.

Black + Blue on Urbanspoon


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