Many restaurants in Vancouver don’t open for lunch, which causes most of my restaurant exploration to happen for dinner. However, if you are in Richmond by any chance during lunch, you can pay a visit to Jang Mo Jib.

Jang Mo Jib is popular chain Korean restaurant in Richmond; you can find the same restaurant in Burnaby and Downtown. The restaurant was empty during lunch and we were seated quickly. I flipped through the menu and decided to order Gam Ja Tahng (Pork Bone Hot Pot), Tohng Gahl Bee (BBQ Beef Rib), Hae Mool Pah Jun (Seafood Pancake), and Dol Sot Bee Bim Bahb (Hot Stone Rice).

The appetizer came quickly after we ordered. There were pickled white turnip, sauté potato, sauté soybean sprout and kimchi.

After awhile of chatting and sipping tea, the Gam Ja Tahng came onto the table. Gamjatang originated in the southern Korea in the province of Jeolla, a hot pot dish that was often served for big celebration. Since cows were much more valuable than hogs in that specific region, pork was used as the meat in the dish. Jang Mo Jib makes an excellent Gam Ja Tahng with lots of spice, spring onion and chili. The highlight of the dish was definitely the spicy soup, topped with some wild sesame seeds made it an exquisite dish.

The Tohng Gahl Bee followed soon after the pork bone hot pot. Since we chose the AAA+ beef rib, the meat was extremely tender. The scent of burnt wood was added to the flavorful beef. The cabbage and turnip salad with vinaigrette dressing went well with the beef.

Hae Mool Pah Jun was served with a small bowl of soy sauce. The seafood pancake contained simple ingredients at Jang Mo Jib. There were fake crabmeat, squid, and spring onion. The pancake was crispy on the outside and thoroughly cooked. 

Lastly, we had the Dol Sot Bee Bim Bahb which literally means “mixed meal” or “mixed rice”. It was served with a bowl of warm white rice topped with namul (there are zucchini, white turnip, spinach, carrot and bean sprout) and gochujang (which is the spicy chili paste). A fried egg and ground beef were added to the rice too.

All the dishes of this lunch were delicious and my favorite dish is definitely Gam Ja Tahng. The service is decent but a little slow. However, the overall experience is great and I would probably come back here again for lunch another time.

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