Dim Sum Hotspot in Vancouver – Red Star

ImageRed Star Seafood Restaurant is a popular Chinese food restaurant on Granville Street. During lunch, the restaurant serves dim sum instead of large seafood dishes. Dim sum came from the older tradition of yum cha (tea tasting), which has its roots in travelers on the ancient Silk Road needing a place to rest.


Even though we arrived quite early for lunch on Saturday, the restaurant was almost full. It was loud and busy at eleven thirty.


We sipped chrysanthemum tea and looked at the dim sum menu. There is a large variety of dishes to select from, however, most of dishes are small. We ordered some steamed BBQ pork buns and steamed shrimp dumplings first.


Soon, the deep-fried brown bean chicken joints came onto the table. The chicken joints are crispy and savory. It is a typical Taiwanese dish. The portion is decent but the dish is quite oily.



Then, the deep-fried prawn meatballs and roast pigeon came. The prawn meatball is covered by sliced almond. It’s light and crispy. The roast pigeon is a signature dish at Red Star. The pigeon is not oily and the flavor is tasteful.



The stir-fried vegetable and the zhaliang came next. The lettuce is stir-fired with garlic and chives. Zhaliang is an interesting Cantonese dish. It is made by tightly wrapping rice noodle roll around fried dough. It is a popular dish in Hong Kong. The Zhaliang of Red Star is sprinkled with green chives, dried shrimp and sesame seeds and it comes with soy sauce.


Next, the supreme dumpling in soup arrived at the table. It came with red vinegar. It’s a large dumpling in fish broth. It is a specialty dish at Red Star. It is very popular, too. There are chopped vegetables, fish and prawn in the dumpling.


Lastly, we had the backed egg custards. Egg tarts were introduced into Hong Kong in the 1940s, which was derived from the original “pastel de nata” in Portuguese. They have outer pastry crusts that are filled with sweet egg and milk custards. The ones at Red Star are light and not too sweet.

Overall, Red Star is a great restaurant to enjoy dim sum for lunch. The service is decent and the dishes come to the table quickly. However, it becomes very busy during weekends so it is best to make a reservation in advance.

Red Star Seafood 鴻星海鮮酒家 on Urbanspoon

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