A Small Escape to Whistler

Most people know Whistler from the Winter Olympic, but Whistler can also be a perfect short vacation escape for people who live in BC or even Alberta. We drove to Whistler in a warm morning at around ten and got there quite early at twelve thirty.

Generally, Whistler is a few degrees colder than Vancouver but the weather is wonderful in summer. Flowers are blooming everywhere. Both Vancouver and Whistler basically have two seasons, summer and winter. Most flowers blooms in late May or even June.

The Whistler Village has many pedestrian streets that are bike and skateboard friendly. There are many stores and restaurant in the village. It is popular gathering place for both summer and winter.

Roger’s Chocolate started in 1885 by Charles “Candy” Rogers in the back of his grocery store in Victoria, B.C. I had a chance to try some of its chocolate for the first time in Whistler. The shop is small but packed with all different kinds of chocolate, cookies and candies.

Roger’s just came up with a new collection of chocolate inspired from different cocktail. They have different flavors such as Mai Tai, Mojito, Crantini, Cuba Libre, Pina Colada and Lemon Drop. You can get a six truffles pack with all the flavors. I bought a pack of cocktail chocolate and also two dark chocolate truffles, two salted caramel truffles and two ice wine truffles.

Most streams and rivers in Whistler are extremely clear because the water came from the ice glacier of the mountain. However, please don’t try to drink the water not because it’s not clean but because the flows are often very fast!

There were many benches at the sides of the streets; we found a long bench beside a stream when we got tired. I tried the ice wine truffle and the salted caramel truffle while enjoying the warm sunshine in the afternoon. The ice wine truffle used local BC ice wine and dark chocolate so the flavor was clear and pure. The salted caramel was decent because I prefer the caramel not to be too sweet or else it tastes too buttery.

If you like beer then the Brewhouse is high recommend. The clock tower is part of the Brewhouse and it’s always packed with people socializing and resting after a day of exploration. The Brewhouse is also in the middle of the Whistler Square. In the summer, sometimes there are outside concerts at the Whistler Square too.

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